Saturday, September 16, 2017

1962 Chrysler Newport Town & Country


  1. Cool stuff Mark. Been a fan of your slammed pics for some time now.

    When I first saw the lowered brochure photoshops I couldn't stop laughing at how cool they looked along with the people around them proudly showing them off to others!

    I've got a '62 Chrysler NewYorker myself which can be seen here in the pic below.
    The image was photoshopped before I had the wagon actually lowered the same amount;

    1. Thanks for your comment and great to know that you've been enjoying my photoshop images! Wow, I've seen your wagon online for many years. Maybe one of the first '62 Chrysler wagons I've seen running a set of cool wheels. It's great looking New Yorker! Thanks for the link to that and glad we are able to connect here.