Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dreams in Scale

So I got the week off for the holidays. One thing I planned to do was finally finish the scale model of one of my dream cars. Like most of my models, it's a glue bomb complete with fingerprints, no engine, broken A-pillar, etc., but I truly plan on building this car one day. After years of "Photoshopping" this idea, I figured I should make a scale model. In 1:1 life, this cruiser would be built around a 66-67 Coronet convertible, with the same year Charger rear quarters, grill and tail lights... essentially making a convertible Charger (that never existed). Enter, the Coroner....


  1. Thanks Morgue..... my original concept was in a violet purple, but I couldn't find the right rattle can color, and I'm not accomplished enough to air-brush and mix colors! This green came in a close second choice.